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Please contact us if you’re interested in volunteer opportunities, if you need help for someone, or if you need resource guides to give away.

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Art of Stone

Experience for unique, custom-crafted, artistic stonework.

Jesse at LS31 can help you with masonry needs and he especially loves stonework. Masonry is among the oldest trades, and many scholars believe Jesus was a stonemason and not exclusively a carpenter. The Greek word “Teckton” means builder. Precise evidence to clarify exactly what Jesus was a builder or craftsman of isn’t completely available, but in the regions where He lived everything was built from rock (millstones, winepresses, houses, and more). In the Jewish culture of the first century, fathers would normally begin to teach their sons a trade by age twelve and help them find a wife at age twenty.

Let us know if you have any masonry needs including brick work, block work, or staining and we may be able to help. Thanks for your interest!