1. Missions is an impossibility apart from the power of God.
  2. The Scriptures are sufficient.
  3. Prayer is a necessity.
  4. The true gospel must be proclaimed. 
  5. The gospel transcends culture. 
  6. Incarnational missions is essential.
  7. Only qualified laborers should be sent to the field. 
  8. Superficial evangelism is one of the great obstacles to missions.
  9. The establishment of biblical churches is the primary work of missions
  10. The autonomy and centrality of the local church is vital [LS31 partners with the local church and does not supersede it].
  11. True missions is costly.
  12. Healthy family relationships are essential.
  13. God deserves excellence (our very best) and so do people.
  14. Giving is an act of worship and it all belongs to God.
  15. Sound stewardship and strong accountability are married.
  16. Stewardship includes creativity, innovation, and cultural relevance.
  17. Cooperation and community are indispensible.

Acknowledgement: LukeSix31 Core Values (1-11) are taken from the “Core Convictions” of an excellent, likeminded ministry: The HeartCry Missionary Society ( To see (1-11) unpacked, please visit “Core Convictions” at HeartCry’s website: HeartCry Core Convictions