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-What we do-

Passionately inspire and navigate people, image-bearers, who need help into a right relationship with God, self, and others and to receive the help they need. 

And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise” (Luke 6:31).


-What it looks like and the Future-

Our vision is to be a catalyst ministry for people of all ages who feel stuck in any way, with an emphasis on helping individuals transition away from homelessness, crime, destructive behaviors, and/or substance abuse to a life of stewardship, peace, discipline, abundance, and joy in Christ.

We envision that many people helped by LukeSix31 will experience genuine repentance becoming born of God, supernaturally regenerated in Christ Jesus. They will grow, become mature, become witnesses for Christ, and many will become missionary-stewards of LukeSix31.

We envision many “at risk youth” and people of all ages completely turning their lives around in a way that only God could do!

We envision many people with fractured relationships restored, treating themselves with dignity, honor, and respect, living as disciplined stewards, and learning to love others sacrificially. By His Spirit, they put sin to death and live abundantly.

We envision an innovative, flexible, adaptable, ministry of excellence seeking to be the best we can be for individuals by being highly knowledgeable of effective resources, agencies, ministries, and successful practices.

We envision strong partnerships in the community with many churches, businesses, and ministries who come alongside us.

We envision a help center facility that includes an actual mission/in-house program to lead qualified candidates toward positive life change and a right relationship with God, self, others, and creation. This facility would also have a short-term shelter from homelessness and/or other areas of necessity.

We envision a ministry completely surrendered to biblical principles that leads by example.

We envision a spiritually mature, Biblicist, non-legalistic, wisdom seeking, expert team of authentically born-again missionaries who are continuously learning and growing in the Lord. We fully understand that the spiritual success and quality of the missionary outreach is directly related to the leadership.

We envision planting similar missionary outreaches in other cities not limited to the United States.


LukeSix31 Missionary Outreach (LS31) offers a hand of friendship to individuals in need who are homeless, lacking resources, and/or transitioning away from subtance abuse or crime throughout the greater Atlanta area. By the grace of God, we have helped people transition from homelessness, to a mission, to helping them obtain permanent housing, and then continuing a friendship with them in their new home. We also distribute need guides and other helpful resources as we go. LS31 also has a proactive boots-on-the-ground arm that goes directly to people who need relief not always waiting for them to come to us.

LS31 utilizes existing ministries and helpful organizations, and proactively recruits individuals to the best fit for their unique situation; not exclusively to homelessness, including rehab enrollment, and mentoring at risk youth. “An at-risk youth is one who is less likely to transition into adulthood successfully. Success is frequently defined as the ability to avoid crime, achieve academic success, and become financially independent.”

LS31 seeks to alleviate suffering through mercy, love, and forgiveness, while empowering people with information, practical wisdom, hope, and helping to guide them through positive life change. Many people in need and many homeless people suffer from a lack of knowledge. This lack can be complicated with stress, sadness, anxiety, depression, and sometimes mental disorder. Laziness, substance abuse, bitterness, and other circumstances can strengthen the adverse effects from a lack of knowledge. A lack of knowledge is not having enough sound understanding, wisdom, and ability to turn from destructive attitudes and actions. Candidly identifying destructive behavior (uncovering the lie), helps one replace it with the truth, constructive action, and wisdom. Wisdom is the proper interpretation of reality and can pierce through the faulty conjecture that keeps people stuck.

LS31 looks for opportunities to help the hopeless, opportunities to share ourselves with people in need, and we strive to share helpful information in a spirit of grace and forgiveness. We are always becoming more knowledgeable of the beneficial services available to help people, and we spend most of our time supporting individuals who need it the most, those who are less apt and less empowered at helping themselves. We also encourage individuals to receive help from their families and to initiate the restoration of relationships when possible.

LukeSix31 Missionary Outreach assists in that process, helps fill the gaps, and continues to provide relief for individuals who request it. Many people feel stranded, shipwrecked, and overwhelmed. Some fall through the cracks of the available aid and some have burned countless bridges. LS31 is helping to fill those cracks and helping to build new bridges, one person at a time.

Please contact us for help, if you’re interested in volunteer opportunities, if you need resource guides to give away, or if you would like to support the ministry.

Thank you for you interest . . .

“But that self-sacrificing kindness of heart which cares not what trouble is entailed, so long as good can be done, is a grace which is rarely met with. There are still thousands in trouble who can find no friend or helper” (J.C. Ryle on The Parable of the Good Samaritan).


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