About LS31

LukeSix31 Outreach is a proactive boots-on-the-ground ministry that goes directly to people in need. We specialize in offering a hand of friendship to people living on the streets of Atlanta. We have helped individuals go from living on the streets, to a mission, to helping them obtain permanent senior housing, and then continuing a friendship with them in their new home. We also distribute need guides and other helpful resources as we go.

LS31 looks for opportunities to help the hopeless, opportunities to share ourselves with people in need, and we strive to share helpful information in a spirit of grace and forgiveness.

We are often becoming more knowledgeable of the help available in order to be the best we can be for individuals. Most homeless people suffer from a lack of knowledge/know-how, motivation, and hope. This lack is often combined with stress, anxiety, depression and sometimes mental disorders. Laziness, substance abuse, bitterness, and other issues sometimes strengthen the adverse effects from a lack of knowledge. We alleviate that suffering through love, forgiveness, empowering people with knowledge/information/practical wisdom, and helping to guide them through positive life change.

LS31 utilizes a cooperative coalition of amazing resources and proactively recruits individuals to the best fit for their unique situation; not exclusively to homelessness, including rehab enrollment when necessary. We spend most of our time supporting individuals who need it the most, those who are less apt and less empowered at helping themselves. We also encourage individuals to utilize help from their families and to initiate the restoration of relationships, when possible.

LukeSix31 helps in that process, helps fill the gaps, and continues to help individuals who request it. Many people fall through the cracks of the available aid and some have burned countless bridges. LS31 is helping to fill those cracks and helping to build new bridges, one person at a time.

Contact Information: martinjcam@gmail.com

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